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May 2015 : Event Details
Fri, May 1 - 7:00pm
Sat, May 2 - 3:30pm
Gail Worcelo, CP
Sara Thomsen
SPIRITUALITY IN THE 21st CENTURY Evolutionary Consciousness: Somewhere to Begin
Don't miss our renowned annual Spirituality in the 21st Century conference!
Gail Worcelo, CP, & Sara Thomsen

How can we begin to do the great work of renewing the face of Earth? Seemingly it’s Mission Impossible. Devastated ecosystems, mass extinction of species, polluted water reservoirs, unbreathable air, toxic Earth repositories, rampant poverty, violence and terror besiege the world. Where do we begin? Prairiewoods’ annual Spirituality in the 21st Century conference invites us to begin by learning courage and living hope.

You are invited to an extraordinary two-day conference at St. Pius X Church (4949 Council Street NE in Cedar Rapids) that will inspire you to take steps forward for the good of all of creation. On May 1–2, Gail Worcelo, CP, founder of Green Mountain Monastery, and Sara Thomsen, musical artist, will inspire us to go out to the edges of evolving consciousness on behalf of Earth and all Earth’s creatures. Sister Gail weaves spirituality and ecology for a new generation, tending to the insights of modern physics, ecology, cosmology and theology for a unique approach to holistic spirituality. She will talk about “wild rowing into God”—the journey of humanity that requires us to “let both feet off the ground,” and to “leap from Me to We” and, ultimately, toward creative union.

Co-facilitator Sara Thomsen is an exquisite musician who encourages us to allow various forms of art to touch the soul and invites us to respond for the good of the global community. Sara’s gentle, soulful and uplifting acoustical renderings celebrate the beauty of the cosmos and call us into fuller communion with the global family.

The cost of this two-day conference is $65 (or $75 if purchased after April 1) and includes Saturday lunch. You may choose to come only Friday evening for $25 or only Saturday for $50, but you need to register by phone.

Lodging is available at Hampton Inn & Suites in Cedar Rapids for $85 per night for one king bed (or $95 for two queen beds) plus tax by calling 319-832-1130 or visiting (hot breakfast included).

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